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I've been playing Tabula Rasa's semi-open beta recently and the game has caught me by surprise. I'll admit I hadn't paid it much attention. My first impressions were not favorable, either. The game plays a fair bit like Star Wars Galaxy's New Game Experience in that you have to aim at a target to select it, though once you've aimed, you can lock on with the tab key. That's not the best first impression to make. Once I got into the game, I found the gameplay to be slow, the graphics to be muddy, and the mechanics to be dull.

Then I gave it a few more levels. Tabula Rasa isn't a shooter and while it is definitely an MMORPG, approaching it the same way you would, say, WoW, will get you in trouble. A few hints for new players:

1) Crouching drastically increases the bead on most guns. Shooting a rifle from 40-60 meters while crouching will take out most enemies of your level in a few shots. Trying to run up and shoot them in the face with the same gun will likely needing to reload several times as your shots miss and do minimal damage. Which leads to...

2) If you find yourself in a melee confrontation... use the melee key, F. Most guns actually do a lot of damage melee and I can sometimes take out unsuspecting enemies in a few hits if I run up to them when they're not looking. You should never run out of ammo.

3) Use the right weapon for the right situation. Even if an enemy is not immune to a certain damage type, you'll fare a lot better to learn what he might be weak against.

4) In keeping, don't neglect your basic skills, particularly firearms. The more specialized weapons are, well, specialized and situational.

5) Special abilities are also situational. Unlike other MMOs where your primary damage comes from specials, in Tabula Rasa, specials are situational. Need to clear out the shields of a group of Bane? Toss out some lightning. Surrounded? Lay down shrapnel. Know you're up for a big fight? Start up Rage. You won't be able to spam them like in other games and that's ok. If you're using your weapons properly, you won't need to.

6) Also, higher pump levels for special abilities are not necessarily better. It is, again, situational. If a group of enemies is grouped around you, using a high pump Shrapnel is just wasting power.

Ok, so I gave tips, but I hope I also gave a bit of an impression about how the game isn't like your average MMORPG. Control point raids are a blast, missions are interesting, soloing is absolutely possible, even as you level, and levelling is quite fast, done primarily through missions with no real grinding. Oh, and did I mention the Clone system? Every time your character reaches a branch in the class tree, you gain a clone point. These points can be used to make a clone of the same level, allowing you to explore the various classes without having to start from scratch. You can also use this if you want to reroll your existing character (right now, I don't think you can clone in place, but I hope they let you just respec without making a new character using a clone point).

Ok, BUT... there are some nasty technical problems to be worked out, a lot of content is incomplete or buggy, and some systems are missing entirely. The game screams for PvP and it's just not there yet, other than dueling, there are no mounts and the high level content is simply not in the game. So is this Vanguard all over again? No... I don't think so, at least. The basic game is fun and playable, and content up to about level 30 or so is fine, though some missions are not itemized yet. If this week's update fixes some standing bugs and itemizes low level missions, they should be able to buy themselves enough time for a smooth launch.

If you're neck-deep in WoW or another MMO, there's probably nothing to draw you away, but if you're like me and like to hop around, TR offers action-oriented gameplay at a fast pace that can be soloed... nice if you don't want to lock yourself away just to play a game.
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I like Apple. Quite a bit, actually. But I don't love Apple. I can't, you see. Apple's the bad boy, the cool rebel in the back of the class. And I'm the meek and quiet one who is actually really hot and it's obvious to everyone in the audience. Or not. The thing is, I think you're cool and all for doing your own thing, having your own style.. but it also makes you kind of a dick.

Early this year, I needed a new phone. Well, I didn't need one per se, but I was in the market to upgrade. The iPhone was a ways away, but I considered holding out. Until I saw the price. And no SDK! Apple, Apple... You have to be more open about these things. You can't keep them bottled up. I'm with BlackBerry now. Yeah, he's a bit of a nerd and not nearly as good looking, but he's very open and loves to read and chat...

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a player. I love my games. Right now, though, you have nothing to offer me. Oh, I know, you've gone to Boot Camp, but that's not enough. See, the iMac lacks the flexibility I want to know I can be in a relationship for a long time. And the Radeon 2600 Pro? Please, I have an GeForce 8800 GTS right now! And don't even get me started on the Mac Pro. $2500? For 1GB of RAM? 250GB of hard drive space? A GeForce 7300?! I realize that this is outweighed by the quad Xeon cores, but... I just don't need those. If... if there was a Mac. Just a plain Mac. Not a Mac Pro. Not an iMac. A Mac. I could consider that. Right now, my little Mac Mini will keep chugging away when I feel like playing with it (it has some excellent software, I'll admit).

And you, iPod... you're being shown up by the Zune! THE ZUNE, for god's sake! Upgrades for older players, they say! WiFi synching! And the Touch.. is stripped down of features it rightly should have so it won't show up its big brother, the iPhone.

Apple, Apple... look, I know you have your own style, your own vision.. that's what makes you you... but... please.. if you could just warm up an play nice a little, I'm sure we could get along. Ok?
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Crossposted from my Vox Blog, I can always use more friends there.

This week, I got three pieces of hardware I'd been looking at for some time. I've been using them a few days, so I'll offer my first impressions. They are the Enermax Crystal Keyboard, Razer HP-1 Gaming Headphones, and, last but not least, a Mac mini.

Razer HP-1 Gaming Headphones

I read a bunch of reviews on these online, since I was torn on which I should buy.

I unwisely ignored my friend's recommendation of various Sennheiser models and went ahead and got these for a couple reasons. First, they had good reviews. They are true surround sound headphones, and that's pretty cool for gaming. The things that really set them apart for me was the included volume knob (something the Sennheisers lacked) and a mic ability.

For a long time, I had used my Labtec Elite 835s (and before them, 830s). I needed a headset, since desk mics are so passe. I got Koss SB/45s, which were pretty much crap. They sounded bad and were really uncomfortable. Really, I have an immeasurable fondness for those Labtecs. But it was time to trade up. The Razer headphones seemed like a good choice. Not cheap, but not audiophile expensive at around $100. I use my headphones exclusively, so it seemed worth it.

All the reviews I'd read said they were very comfortable to wear for hours at a time... well, no. Y'see, the pads on the cups themselves are great, a soft velvety material that's miles above the plastic crap on the Koss phones (well, duh, those are $20 headphones). Problem is up top... you see that sort of retention strap? That means that there isn't much pressure placed on the top of your head... instead, it's held in place by the headphones squeezing onto your head. Yeah, not as much fun. I get the feeling they'll get better as I wear them. The headset will give more and be more comfortable, which actually did happen with the Koss headset. Still, they're not comfortable right now and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone who doesn't have a ridiculously large head.

The volume box is the next problem. It's quite big, since it has dials for front, back, and center volume as well as bass.  The problem is, there's only about a foot and a half of cord between the headset and the box, which means it'll weigh heavily on you... oh, but there's a clip, but guess what, it's facing the wrong way. I don't get this at all, where did they expect you to clip it? Your shirt pocket and have wires across your chest? Your pants pocket (but it barely reaches)?  it's quite puzzling.

Oh, the sound? It sounds good, I guess. I mean, it does sound better than the Koss headphones, which is to be expected, but the surround sound isn't really stunning and it doesn't improve on things that are already poorly encoded, of course.

Recommend? No. Skip these, Razer has made some good products, and this isn't terrible, but for $100, I expect it to be great, not mediocre and serious usability issues cripple it.

Enermax Crystal Keyboard

I'd posted before that I wanted a new keyboard... I decided to take the plunge and get the Enermax Crystal Keyboard. Why? Because it's gorgeous. I needed a USB keyboard (or a PS2 adapter, but where's the fun in that?) for my Mac mini, so I decided it was time to swap out my Microsoft keyboard (regular, none of that ergonomic crap) for this.  The first thing that anyone will notice upon seeing the Crystal is... Uo! Mabushi!

The diamond cut finish is truly... well, shiny. It helps that the layout is very compact and there are no superfluous keys (the only one I ever used was the Calculator key... seriously useful, that one). The layout is rather strange, though, it's more like a laptop than a full size keyboard... in fact, the keys themselves are low profile, like those on a laptop. Still, they feel very sharp and not mushy at all. The layout does take some getting used-to. I can deal with most of it except for the extra backslash key between the left Alt and the spacebar... I don't understand its purpose... do people really use the backslash key that much? There's a bit of an adjustment period for desktop users, since the low profile of the keys means you have to press harder on some of them (I'm looking at you, right shift key) and the layout is different, but I've gotten used to it in two days.

As a USB keyboard, it has two built-in USB ports, but really, they're useless since they're USB 1.1. That means using my thumb drive or iPod on them is out of the question. Besides, my PC has two USB 2.0 ports on the front of the case. It's also got microphone and headphone jacks, but, again, I'm not sure how useful they'd be... you'd have to ruin the simple elegance of the keyboard with wires running around your desk.

Recommend? Yes. At $60, you're not going to run out and buy this keyboard. If you're an ergonomic freak or love keyboards with lots of travel and clicky keys, you should pass this up. If it matches your decor and you're in the market, however, it's a good, solid (and very heavy) keyboard that looks great and works well.

Mac min (1.66Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1gig RAM)

So for the longest time, I've wanted a Mac. Probably because that guy from Dodgeball looked SO DAMN COOL. Actually, no, I hate Apple's smarmy attitude. I hate their lack of options when buying computers (hey Apple, I would've spent another $300 on a machine if you'd offered a standalone midrange system). No, what I like is Mac OS X. At work, I mainly work with OS 9, which is horrendous. Yes, worse than Windows 95. I did manage to install OS X on one machine in my lab and use it as a testbed. I liked what I saw, but I was running it on an iMac from 2002. I did think that, given that I wanted to develop games that are cross-platform and given that I wanted to write software for work, I should probably pick up a Mac. I looked carefully at the options... wait, no, I didn't. Apple doesn't give you options. Did I want to shell out money for an iMac that I don't have room on my desk for? No. The Mac Pro? Forget it. Drop ridiculous amounts of money on a system I may not like?

That left me with the Mac mini. Really, it's not a bad choice, since I don't need to do 3D work on it, I won't be playing games on it, and if I need more storage, I'll get an external drive that I can share between my computers. Cool. If I decide I really like it, I can upgrade in the future and use the mini as a media center or something.

As far as the computer itself, there's not much to review. It works, it's snappy enough, really. I'm having issues with wireless speeds, but that's probably due to poor reception... I'll have to dig out a hub and use it.

The biggest problem with my setup is the lack of DVI KVM options. There just aren't many, and the few that do exist are either ridiculously expensive, unreliable, and ugly as sin. My monitor accepts an analog and a digital signal, so I can use both... and use something like Synergy2 as a keyboard and mouse switch. Thing is, with the crappy wireless connection, it works very slowly on the Mac... fast enough for general clicking, but bad for things like, oh, coding. We'll see again, after I hook things up via a hub.

So what do I think of the Mac Experience? Well, I knew what to expect, but it's nice having it on my own system. QuickSilver is great and TextMate is just amazing. Is it worth switching for? Enh, no. If you've got a solid PC, there's no reason to switch to a Mac. Simple as that. Almost all the worthy software runs on both, PC's have tons of games and other software, and, well... the dirty little secret is.. it's just not all that different. Sure, the Mac 'just works', but truth is, so does most stuff on my PC. Macs are secure? Sure, but running behind a firewall using Firefox and staying patched, I haven't had a problem. Stability? Honestly, my system almost never crashes and the few times it does, it seems like a hardware issue (and anyone that thinks Macs don't have them is a moron).

Still, the architecture is nice, and I do appreciate it. I'd had high hopes for Vista, but it seems like it'll be more of the same, and Microsoft's WGA crap is ridiculous. I'm glad to have my mini, I'm going to do some Rails stuff on it and play around more, I actually do enjoy having it. I just wouldn't switch right now.

Recommend? Yes. Want to try using a Mac without the commitment? Here you go. Great form factor, nice software, and it's surprisingly snappy for something so tiny. I can't really say I'm going to switch, but I'll be using it. Only thing holding it back is the lack of a good KVM solution.
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So I've pretty much watched all of what I'm going to watch this season. A good season. Not phenomenal, but some fun shows.  I'm going to try and focus on ones that haven't gotten much attention.

Big Name Shows:
It's not Negima!, it's Negima!? The sort-of sequel to last year's trainwreck is here! It's not really a sequel, more of a remake. It veers off course from the manga pretty substantially, but probably comes off all the better for it. Negima!, the manga, starts slow and has a lot of 'development' (tits and panty shots). Negima!? jumps right in and looks rather stylish doing it. Tons of in-jokes from Pani Poni Dash and Tsukuyomi can be found too, and references to everything from Musashi Gundoh to Azumanga Daioh. Good stuff.

Freaking huge eyes. Sad girls in snow. Yeah, you know the drill. But man, the animation is pretty. And I'll admit to being suckered in by how cute Ayu is. The bitch.

Cool Stuff:
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
Probably my favorite show so far. And it's received no attention. Basically, it's My Fair Lady/Pygmalion, except with four bishie visual kei bois who are told that they can live in a mansion if they turn the owner's niece, Sunako, into an elegant lady. That's going to be tough since Sunako not only has no self esteem and looks like something out of a horror film, she's pretty much violently insane. Also, hilarious. It's a Nabeshin joint, so it's pretty much just gags one after another. Want to see Sunako drop kick a bunch of ganguro girls or try to strangle the boys? Yeah, it's good. Not a whole lot of groups subbing it (just one episode so far), but it's easy to follow with a little japanese.

Asatte no Houkou
Two girls, one 20, one 10, switch ages one summer. It's not a wacky comedy, it's actually pretty serious, slow moving, with some good music. Who knew? I'm glad some groups have picked this up.

Sumomomo Momomo: Martial arts lolis that want to fuck? Sounds good to me. Kind of funny.
Happiness!: Jun is adorable, but probably not enough to keep me interested in the series. Mainly because Haruhi (the female lead) is dull as dirt. More Jun plz.
Kujibiki Unbalance: It's a show based on a joke in another show! Meh.
Busou Renkin: Generic shounen action. Might MIGHT be ok, but I'm still watching Kiba, which is better.
Pumpkin Scissors: Decent. Didn't impress me. Too slow. Might pick up. Setting is interesting.
D.Gray-man: Meh.
Death Note: Good. Pretty much what you'd expect. I can't watch shows I've already read, though. Too many other things to follow.
Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Mizuho is adorable. I will watch this just for trap goodness. Do you like shows about cute traps? Watch this... because there's not much else.

Yet to Watch:
Red Garden, Bartender
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Seriously, best anime of the century.

Uo! Mabushi!
Musashi face is instant hilarity.
That horse is awesome.

And many, many, fun mashups.
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Are you on Vox? Seriously, add me as a friend so I don't feel so lonely.

I usually read customer reviews when I'm shopping online... that's one of the great things about it. Does the product work as advertised? Is the content of that book useful? Does that video game appeal to slobbering 12 year-olds with too much time on their hands? The average reader at GameFAQs? It's nice to know, even if it doesn't sway my ultimate opinion. More professional reviews are nice, but represent limited use of the item. If I'm buying headphones, I get crazy statistics that I don't understand when what I really want to know is, are these comfortable after using them for hours?

The thing is, if you want people to take your opinion seriously, avoid rating things with the highest and lowest scores. I toss those out, mentally. Not entirely, mind you, but it's a red flag as far as credibility goes. There simply aren't that many products that fail so miserably as to deserve a one and while there are even fewer that manage to achieve perfection, I usually consider a perfect score to simply mean a satisfied customer.

I was looking at reviews for Joel Spolsky's User Interface Design for Programmers and noticed that there smatterings of ones among all those fives. That's kind of strange to me, since I really enjoy Joel's style of writing. It's a bad, bad, idea to start making comments about how bad Joel's writing is... because I enjoy it and feel a bit insulted when I hear that.

If I was 12, I might care that I'm not as cool as you because I like Joel Spolsky's writing. But right now, it just makes you sound like a jackass and sours any valid concerns that you might have about the product.
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This was crossposted from my Vox blog, which looks better because it has pictures.

About a year ago, I had a grand plan. I have a lovely desk. It's huge, black, and, in the event of a nuclear attack I can hide underneath it and rule over the cockroaches. It's a pain to move, but I love it. When it came time to build a new computer (an adventure in and of itself), I decided that I should make my computer look nice. Nice, you know, like a grown-ups computer. No neon rims or flames. No strobe lights or disco balls. Like something a hip 20-something might have. I tried to call a hip 20-something, but, not having any of those available, I winged it.
I didn't get very far. See, you don't have many choices in the PC hardware field. There's beige, black, and black and silver. On rare occasions, you'll get the Apple White, which is what I went for for my case. Nice, something like an overgrown Mac Mini. And that's as far as I got. My mouse is a moderately attractive Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, but it performs terrible and looks less attractive because the cheap rubberized coating has worn off. Not good. I have an Icemat mouse pad, which actually does look very, very nice. $40 for a mouse pad? No, I'm not insane, it's worth every penny. I had to abandon my plan when it came to my monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 204T because, although it came in silver or black, the silver version was out of stock and the black version was on sale. Money trumps aesthetics. And my headphones are black and silver.
Ah, black and silver. I hate black and silver. With a passion. It doesn't look ugly on its own, mind. It looks ugly because it's cheap. See, at some point, the black was deep and glossy and the silver was brushed metal or chrome. Very chic. No longer. Now, black and silver is associated with cheap products that kind of want to look expensive.
So where am I now? Searching, in vain for a keyboard. The keyboard of my dreams. Let's start with the requirements. USB, please, since I would like to easily use it with a Mac and PC (I realize I can get an adapter if need be). Wireless is nice, but not necessary. It should look nice. What do I think looks nice? Well, the Logitech diNovo is nice (I know, it's silver and black), the trouble is, it's a set, takes lots of batteries, and is ridiculously expensive. I just want the keyboard. And I want the numeric keypad to be attached. So it fails.
Did I mention I wanted performance, too? Yeah, I'm picky like that. I do a lot of typing and it's important that I have a keyboard that I'm comfortable with.
So I'm looking at the Enermax Crystal keyboard. It's attractive, heavy and has a more standard layout compared to the Logitech. Though it's all relative. The laptop style low profile keys and tight spacing seem possibly problematic.
There just doesn't seem to be a lot of choices for high end computer peripherals. Oh, sure, there are ones aimed at 'professional gamers' (all three of them), like the very solid Saitek Eclipse keyboard. But those tend to look like, well, toys. Expensive toys, but toys. I want my toys to look like they're meant for grownups.
C'mon, how about color? No, not neon iMac colors, but a little here and there. Something classy.
Maybe burgundy? Copper? Earthtones that can still fit in with a bedroom or living room. I hope no one mentions buying a Mac keyboard, by the way. That is not an option. The iMac may be a lovely system, but it has one of my least favorite keyboards ever. It feels mushy and slow, I frequently miss keystrokes, and, worst of all, it's clear. Oh, it looks great out of the box, but keyboards will attract copious amounts of dirt. A clear case just shows it off. Bad, bad, bad. Ah well, that's how it goes, I suppose.
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I just realized that my friends still post to this thing and I NEVER READ IT. All I ever post is anime blogs that nobody reads. Go me. I made a Vox blog and maybe I'll post to it. A little. I like how easy it is. They should set up crossposting, though. Then I could spam everyone with my shit. AWESOME.
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Yes, it's that time again. For my only posts I ever make. But hey, it's the new season, I can't help but do it. As usual, I'll have a new format this time.

New Shows

NHK ni Youkoso (Welcome to the NHK)
Satou is a hikkikomori (shut-in) who hasn't left his room for four years. One day, a young girl, Misaki, visits him and invites him to join her 'project', claiming that she can cure him. The manga is a black comedy that explores the darker side of Japan's youth culture, the anime takes a decidedly more dramatic take on things.

This is the one I'd been looking forward to the most, but also fearing the most because I love the manga so much. The verdict is, it's quite good. And quite different from the manga. Sure, the events are mostly the same, though some of the racier elements (the drugs, for instance, probably the lolicon chapter) have been cut. I still suggest everyone read the manga, because it's probably one of the funniest and most twisted things I've read in a long time. And it's not weird in the normal "Wow, Japan is weird" sense. Anyone can relate, to some extent, to the sense of alienation and disaffectation that pervades this series.

Animation and Art:
Gonzo is known for blowing their animation wad on the first episode... luckily NHK isn't an action show, so it can pass with decent animation. Still, it was good this this time. My biggest problems are with the character designs. Particularly Misaki, who loses a lot of her charm with a cuter more anime-style design.

Sound, Music, and Voices:
Satou and Misaki's voices aren't what I expected. In particular, Satou sounds off, too old, too gruff, not the manic and uneasy Satou of the manga. The music is excellent, though. The opening is done by Round Table (think Chobits). It really seems more suited to another show, though... it almost makes it seem like a romance, which... well, it's not. Ending theme is a bizarre metal song about dancing baby humans. Pretty awesome and more along the lines of the manga.

Watch if:
You like the manga. You like shows that mix drama and black comedy.

Avoid if:
You like the manga. You dislike shows that are weird or lack action.

Coyote Ragtime Show
Hot investigator, Angelica Barns, along with her plucky sidekick, Chelsea, chases the enigmatic Mister and his gang of thieves along the galaxy all the while the Criminal Guild and their 12 gothloli robot assassins come after them. In other words, pure awesome.

Pure awesome. Do you like explosions? Gothloli assassins? Explosions? Badass glasses-wearing mature babes? Explosions? Basically, it's not a show that takes itself seriously. Brought to you by UFOTable, known for Futakoi Alternative, Coyote Ragtime Show mixes action and intrigue and a general sense of fun. Don't expect a deep and moving plot, though.

Animation and Art:
UFOTable's quality animation shows itself here. The sequences with the 12 Sisters in partcular are quite good.

Sound, Music, and Voices:
Voices are decent, music is decent, but nothing is really standout.

Watch if:
You like having fun. You like gothloli assassins.

Avoid if:
You're a dour, humorless person.

Mini Impressions
Tsuyokiss coolxsweet
An all-tsundere harem show? Basically, it's stupid, the characters are dull and the animation is passable.

Watch if:
You like harem shows with tsunderes, I guess.

Avoid if:
You have other things to do.

Zero no Tsukaima
Louise, a girl attending Hogw-a magic school summons a boy from our world. Hijinx ensue. Louise is pretty cute, though. Imagine if Becky Miyamoto, Shana, and Hermione had a baby. Ok, that'd be pretty hot to watch, but Louise is the result.

Watch if:
You like non-harem shows with tsunderes.

Avoid if:
See above. But I'll probably keep watching because Louise is cute.

Chokotto Sister
Boy gets a little sister from Santa. She doesn't wear much as far as clothes go. I read some of the manga, the biggest problem is that Choko, the little sister, is cute, but dull and the story doesn't really go anywhere. I can stand the tons of 11-year-old crotch shots if it actually went somewhere. But it doesn't.

Watch if:
You like seeing 11-year-old crotches. A lot.

Avoid if:
You don't.

Continuing Shows
Ouran High School Host Club
You're not watching this? Why not? The quality hasn't let down, it's still funny and charming. Are you scared because it's based on a girl's manga? Because of the fake yaoi twincest? Don't be. It's funny. Watch it.

Honey and Clover II
You're not watching this? Why not? This is probably one of the best shows in years. Each episode packs sweet, funny, and sad moments into it with excellent production quality and an unmatched set of songs. Go back and watch the first season, then jump in. It doesn't get much better than this.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
God dammit, go watch this one too. Now. I swear to god. Personally, I think this beat out Ouran for last season's best show. Sure, Ouran is funny, but Haruhi manages to be deeper, too while maintaining awesome production and tight direction.

Man. If the rest of the show had been like the last four episodes, which more closely followed the game, it would've been far better. Instead, let's just reflect on how cute Flonne is.

Princess Princess
How unexpected, here. It was cute and funny if pretty brainless. I actually hope for a second season since it never really went anywhere. The live action drama is just freakish, though. Couldn't they have gotten cuter boys?

I haven't finished watching it. Maybe it gets better in the last four episodes. Okama's character designs are pretty much the entire attraction. How come this got picked up for a second season?

Coming to US Shores
Pani Poni Dash!
A pretty bizarre choice due to the sheer number of japanese culture references it throws at you. Still, it's really funny, the character designs are cute, and the cast is great. I can't see how anyone could ever possibly watch this dubbed. How?

Law of Ueki
Sure, it's a kid's fighting show. But Ueki's got the magic factor called charm. Give it a rent, though, it's not for everyone.

Strawberry Marshmallow
HOLY GOD SO CUTE. Yeah, it's got the occasional bath scene, but you shouldn't feel like a perv for watching it, because it really is funny.

Charming little show, good music, sweet stories, definitely check this out. It moves slow and there's no real plot, but that's ok. Yurie is adorable.

How do you make a show that features fighting schoolgirls, mecha, magic powers, and fanservice into something that actually works? Watch and see.

Yet To See
Bokura ga Ita
The absolutely minimal production values call to mine Kare Kano immediately. Unfortunately, my japanese is not so good that I can watch this unsubbed. Someone please sub this...
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I'll admit it. I'm a Wii fan. Just the concept, at least, since no one without an inordinate amount of patience has actually touched the thing. But Sony, man.

Now Sony has come out swinging. In this week's edition of German magazine Der Spiegel, Phil Harrison, president of Sony Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios, aggressively denied his company appropriated the motion-sensing idea from Nintendo. "In a certain way, I understand why people would say (such things), but it is stupid, if you'll forgive me saying so," said Harrison.Harrison went on to say that the PS3's motion-sensitive controller had been in the works for some time. "We have already worked on it a long time, and Nintendo almost certainly has done likewise with something similar," he said. "It is perfectly naturally for two companies to work on (nearly) identical devices. It's like that with technology." He reiterated that the PS2's Dual Shock controller is the "de facto-industry standard for video games. ... We define the standard for the man-machine interface for playing games."

Yeah, right. I actually do believe that they had the idea.. at least, in concept, for a while. If this was a planned feature, why did they wait so long to announce it? Oh, because it had to be at the 'right time' or something, I'm sure. It couldn't be that Sony, seeing the enthusiasm around Nintendo's (then) Revolution, decided that maybe they should get on the trolley. No way.

Dual Shock? Please. It's the de facto standard because of the Playstation's popularity. Analog stick, eh? Wonder where that came from.. oh, Nintendo. Rumble? I wonder... oh, Nintendo again. Tilt sensitivity? Well, that must be original, right?

Listen, Sony... you're not an innovator. Never have been. You're good at refining other people's ideas. Well, you were good. Not so much now. You're overpriced and bloated.

"We believe that the PS3 will be the place where our users play games, watch films, browse the Web, and use other (home) computer functions," said Harrison. "The PlayStation 3 is a computer. We do not need the PC."

Yeah, ok. Did you invent the keyboard and stuff that in the controller too?
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